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My first murals were in my children's school.  I based them off little drawings from a collection of student poems and illustrations put out by the school. Later painted a number of murals with kids on a viaduct and later decided to paint my own work my own work.  Here is a collection of many of some of the murals.  They range from 10'x8' to 15'x30' and everything in between. 

Katie's Wahl
I Believe I Can Fly(Hephzibah House)
Hadi's Jungle
Rush Hour
Brush Up
Irving School (detail) 1
Irving School (detail) 2
Welcome Home (Hephzibah House)
Hephzibah (detail)
Brush up and sketch
Bliss and sketch
Irving School (detail) 3
Irving School (detail) 4
Irving School (detail) 4
Foody 2013 8'x10'
Man In A Box and sketch
Man In A Box
Childrens Museum of Oak Park
Katie's Wahl and sketch
Mica's Room Foody 2013 8'x10'
Music and Dance
Three Penny
The Three Mikes

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