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Family Jewel Boxes

They began in a shoe box found on the ground next to a dumpster in an alley, discarded photos from the early 20th Century.  With a bit of reservation I cut photos apart and 'Frankensteined' all of the body parts.  Then channeling Joseph Cornell's box assemblages all of the bits and pieces pieces came together.  


The Smiths
Al and Hal
The Perkins
Bob and Babe
Ed and Ted
Mark and May, and Sis
George and Ada
Tab 8g
Mild Chocolate Cigars
Giacomo and Annette
The Jones Kids
Family Groups
The Johnsons
The Ball Cousins
The Jackson Kids
Tab 18
The O'Reilly Kids and Ma
Belle, Henry, Mark, Tom, and Joe
The Marks Family
Family Reunion

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