After the election of 2016, I looked around for ways to vent my anger, disgust, and disapproval.  About a year ago I ended up painting a series of parody portraits of our beloved DearLeader that I channeled into four books  titled DearLeader—Man of the Century, Play Golf Like me, I’m Very Rich and really really Great!!!, and The Art of the Steal.

    I had no sooner finished them than the global pandemic descended upon the world.  Being sheltered-at-home, I had ample time to explore some new ideas for books and in relatively short order I wrote a few children's books, one that included a childhood memoir about my earliest memories in Vietnam.  

    Also included in the collection are a growing number of art books that examine numerous themes that I often explore in my work.      

    If I ever had a Retrospective, these books would be it.   
























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