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Circus Days

I remember the day the circus parade passed down Main Street. It went on and on, one jubilantly colored horse drawn wagon after another in brilliant reds and golds. Animals in cages. Lions, tigers, bears, even a giraffe. Colorful clowns, festooned bands, riders on horseback and on old fashioned bicycles. They don’t make parades like this anymore. It was beautiful day.

Parade 5b
Circus Parade 3
Parade 5a
Parade 4b
Parade 4a
Parade 4
Parade 3a
Parade 3
Parade 2e
Parade 2b
Parade 2a
Parade 2
Parade 1d
Parade 1a
Parade 1c
Parade 1
Parade 1b
Circus Parade 4
Circus Parade 1
Circus Parade 5
Circus Parade 2
Parade 5c

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